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The Traffic Group marks expansion with a symbolic steel signing at its headquarters in Cheltenham

Date published 26th January 2024

Marking a symbolic moment for its pioneering expansion project in Staverton, Cheltenham, The Traffic Group signed the steel to celebrate the construction of its new and sustainable workspace. The new building will sit alongside two existing buildings on the site which form the Group’s headquarters.

In partnership with fellow local businesses – Cheltenham-based RRA architects, who designed the project, and contractors EG Carters in Gloucester – the new building has been purposefully designed to prioritise sustainability and long-term functionality. The new development will offer the Group a versatile workspace capable of evolving alongside the future demands of the transport technology industry.

Senior team members from the family-run business became a permanent part of the building’s legacy by scribing their names and a message from The Traffic Group. Pete Hutchinson, Managing Director, Maxine Hutchinson, Executive Director and Phil Hutchinson, Operations Director, were joined by representatives from RRA Architects, Hydrock, WWA and E G Carter and Co Ltd, who also left their imprint.

“We’re excited to mark the next stage in the project and have been impressed at the efforts of our partners in bringing our vision of the building to life. The new facility will not only enhance our service delivery and operational capabilities but also create a new social space for colleagues to come together,” says Pete Hutchinson. “Additionally, we wanted to establish a campus-style facility that fosters long-term business growth. As we celebrate the construction of our new and eco-conscious workspace, we look forward to a future where innovation, sustainability and growth are at the heart of everything we do.”

The Traffic Group marks expansion with a symbolic steel signing at its headquarters in Cheltenham
The new building, which comprises a large warehouse facility and office space, has been designed with air source heat pumps and 45kW PV solar panel arrays, creating a carbon-positive workspace that uses surplus energy generation to power older buildings on the estate. It was designed by registered B-Corp firm RRA Architects.

Pete Nickols, Associate at RRA Architects comments: “This has been a very exciting project to be involved in, with some challenging conditions to resolve at both planning and building regulations stage. Now that the steel frame is in place (and signed!), momentum is gathering and it’s exciting to see the plans coming to life. RRA Architects is thrilled to be involved in this project and to be part of a fantastic team!”

The project was awarded to a local construction firm, E G Carter & Co Ltd, who have previously worked with the Group and have recently extended the manufacturing facility located within the site.

Mark Harries, Associate Director at E G Carter & Co Ltd, says: “We are delighted to be working with The Traffic Group again, which continues our longstanding relationship with the business. This project involves the creation of a first-class warehouse and office facility, with sustainability at the forefront of the design.”

The project is expected to be completed in July 2024.