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MAV Systems

The Home of ANPR Cameras

As one of the largest providers of ANPR cameras in the world, MAV systems has grown through our dedication to quality, innovation and, most importantly, our customer partnerships. Over the last 5 years MAV has developed leading edge technology that provides system integrators with the highest quality ANPR cameras on which to base their application solutions.


Incorporating HD image quality, high speed ANPR recognition, zoom capability and long range pulsed IR lighting into one efficient unit, the MAV IQ range sets new standards for intelligent ANPR cameras. MAV’s superior intelligent ANPR cameras combine the pedigree of our HD and Analogue ranges alongside a powerful, yet eco friendly, ANPR processor to create formidable all-in-one ANPR cameras, the MAV IQ range.These cameras set new benchmarks in easy installation, long life, low maintenance, high quality and superb ANPR recognition.

The MAV IQ cameras are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications including traffic management, Police, security, parking and tolling in addition to further Intelligent Transport System (ITS) requirements.


At MAV we pride ourselves on providing first class customer service not only during the enquiry stage but for the life of the product purchased. Many businesses believe excellent customer service is going the extra mile but we feel it should be expected as part of the standard provision.

Excellent customer service drives loyalty and opens the door for successful partnerships because without constant communication and continual support most relationships break down. It is through the standardised excellence of our customer service that has led to partnerships that have lasted more than 15 years and with a growing list of businesses wanting to work with us, we are confident that our way of working is the most effective.

At MAV we have always felt that providing the highest quality products is not enough, it is part of the customer experience which should, in its entirety, be simple, effective and fulfilling in all objectives. We are proud of our partnerships and of the loyalty our partners give us and we know that it is the full MAV experience that drives such loyalty and so we strive to better it every day.

ANPR cameras support technological advancements throughout the world and, as a key supplier, we know that support is the pivotal word. We dedicate much of our time to our partners, enabling them to achieve their objectives which, in turn, allows us to achieve ours. Its not always about the ending, its the experience along the way.