Product solutions for intelligent traffic solutions


Creating safer, greener, more efficient traffic environments

AGD Systems is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ITS product solutions, manufacturing easy-to-integrate, globally compatible ITS product solutions designed to help create safer, greener, more efficient traffic and transport environments. AGD’s solutions are created for smart cities, smart highways and strategic transport initiatives around the world, and are the result of strategic ITS thinking strengthened by 25 years of practical implementations.

AGD’s core values are to provide the personal support, clear communication, quality products and attention to detail that should be expected by all customers throughout the market. As a global provider of traffic detection & associated products, the business is founded on professionalism, customer focus and innovation which have always been upheld through the success and growth that has consistently been achieved.


Such growth has led to a superior portfolio of products which have been developed to lead the market in integrated solutions for the ITS sector. Working closely with system and product integrators, national road authorities and traffic engineers, AGD develops solutions that fit today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges across urban and inter-urban settings. Rather than attempting to ‘future proof’ products, AGD feel it more valuable to offer the flexibility and innovation that allows product development in line with the changing demand of both the market and our customers.

AGD is a business that believes in differences; whether that be solution set-up, integration needs or unique product development, differences are what drives business. Knowing that each of our customers targets the best solution possible and often require some specialised or customised products, AGD takes pride in meeting the specific needs of our customers. Creating successful partnerships with businesses across the world requires an ability to offer more, to listen more and be proactive in understanding how our customer’s needs may change. Being able to understand these needs, as well as meet them, is one reason AGD have been achieving such overwhelming success in a wide range of sectors:


As one of the leading providers of ITS product solutions, AGD is becoming one the most trusted partners within the market. This is not just simply down to the quality and range of products provided but because AGD customers are the foundation to our success and, as such, are provided with the service and experience that they deserve.

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