AGD343 Radar

Developed using the company’s experience and expertise in designing radars for highway speed enforcement, the AGD 343 is an easy-to-integrate traffic flow monitoring solution that provides real-time data on multi-lane highways.

The 343 can be mounted as close as 2m from inner edge of the inside lane of the carriageway and will still provide information for the lane immediately below the radar, as well as the lane on the farthest point of the carriageway – looking across both carriageways to detect vehicle travel in approaching and receding directions. It can be used almost anywhere for better-informed decision-making and optimised traffic flows and combines well with AGD’s enforcement solutions to offer a full product suite for UK smart motorways as well as international highways.


The AGD343 Highways Monitoring Radar

  • Enhances highways safety, capability and efficiency
  • Measures speed, range and length of passing vehicles
  • Mounts as close as 2m from the edge of the carriageway
  • 6 metre mounting height
  • Looks across both carriageways – up to 10 lanes – 100 metres range
  • Pole-mounted – no need for lane closures or intrusive works
  • Simple to install, set up and configure with AGD Touch set-up/Align