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AGD in Autralia – A Clearly Superior Detection Combination

Date published 3rd June 2021

Australia is leading the shift away from the car being king, thanks to a push to explore alternative and new technologies available under the umbrella of Intelligent Transport Systems. State-based innovative approaches are enabling the smarter movement of traffic and pedestrians, and paying dividends for transport authorities across the country.

Improving pedestrian safety in New South Wales

The AGD326 ranging radar offers everything you’d expect from  our recognised leading-edge technology, and more. With wait-area and on-crossing detection platforms, pedestrians are tracked accurately in real-time to ensure the safest of journeys in any urban environment – from the moment they step into the waiting zone. Combine the AGD326 with the powerful AGD645 to take advantage of IP connectivity, pedestrian volumetrics, and 10m x 3m coverage for larger crossings.

Brett Watson, Managing Director, Hi-Vis Group
“The AGD645 and AGD326 detectors were proven to be a clear superior detection combination. Following successful performance in field testing, the solutions now form the core of the Pedestrian Safety System. To date four such systems have been installed around New South Wales, all operating effectively with a high degree of detection accuracy.”

The AGD Pedestrian Detection Suite has been purpose-designed specifically for city authorities around the world. Not only does our system allow you to get setup super-quickly and safely, from ground level, but our unique WiFi AGD Touch-setup technology also allows you to adjust the pedestrian crossing phase safely in real time, and make any subsequent adjustments with the same ease.