The AiQ represents a new phase for MAV ANPR cameras. Building on the proven IQ benchmark, the new AiQ offers an open platform computing environment for system integrators to optionally add local processing and applications alongside the worldwide recognition capabilities of the pre-installed ANPR platform.

The AiQ offers two 1080p full HD camera modules per unit for colour and IR images, providing a superior combination that is proven to offer best 24/7 capture. Using fully motorised zoom block lenses ensures flexible installation and maxIRangeTM pulsed IR lighting provides up to 40m range for high-speed multi-lane capture.

Setting up the AiQ is simple through browser configuration and API interfaces. The native ANPR engine takes full advantage of raw camera sensor data for uncompressed resolution at pixel level. Quad core embedded processor with GPU support ensures real-time recognition at high speeds whilst including further power for additional system requirements.



Vehicle pathway tracking – With the added pathway tracking features the AiQ can enforce Moving Traffic Offences (MTOs) with a level of certainty demanded by independent audit and certification.

Vehicle identification – With a wide range of additional features added to the AiQ, further data generation is underpinned by the ability to offer vehicle count, colour and classification.

Global Plate Recognition – Colour recognition and embedded AI for typeface identification across multiple regions ensures the AiQ offers consistent accuracy of vehicle origin and additional metadata for system processing.

Colour and IR Recognition – The AiQ offers plate capture in both colour and IR to offer 24 hour vehicle processing to the highest standards of accuracy in all weather conditions.

Accuracy, reliability and performance – Dual camera capture with zero light detection and multi-frame automatic ‘best match’ identification offers the highest performance for consistent match reliability and offers capture of illegal, masked and ‘ghost’ plates.

Back Office – The AiQ has been developed to offer greater data generation to increase system performance and offer split-data transfer for increased efficiency.